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Mixing head

2K ,3K, 4K, 4KS
2K - 2 Components (POL / ISO) with general two nozzle assemblies
3K - 3 Components (POL / ISO / Pigment) with general two nozzle Assemblies and one pigment injector
4K - 4 Components (POL / ISO) with dual head and general fourNozzle assemblies
4KSH - 4 Components (POL / ISO) with general four nozzle assemblies

High mixing efficiency by double tilted injection nozzle.
Stable laminar flow-smoothing of the mixture stream & wide laminar range.
Suitable for rigid and flexible foam with low and high viscosity.
Innovative nozzle control for minimum switching times at multi-component.
Economical and reliable.
Long operation life & Low maintenance cost.
Anti-stick locking design & Anti-scrap floating design.

Principle of DUT's Mixing Head
Double Tilted Injection
(DHV Series)
L - Type Injection
(DHVA Series)
R- Type Injection
(DHS Series)
Double Tilted Injection L - Type Injection R- Type Injection

The enhance of initial
kinetic energy which is
caused by 1st and 2nd

The enhance of kinetic
energy and Laminar Flow
by reverse

Maximize offset process of
kinetic energy by the
maximum mixing efficiency
of high viscosity materials
The most soft laminar flow
at Outlet pipe

Easy maintenance & repair

Installation of Nozzle block
to supply materials

Easy Nozzle set up

Design which is removed
a piping interference Easy
disassembly & assembly

High efficiency with
economical price.

High mixing efficiency by
R-Type Injection System.

Huge output manufacture

Long operation life & low
maintenance cost

High compatibility with
various type of injection

Stable laminar flow

Mixing head
DHV series
DHVA series
DHS series
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