DUT Korea is the leading company of Korean PU industry that specialized in the field of composites manufacturing equipment for lightweight auto parts. DUT can draw on the company’s 23years know-how in the areas of polyurethane, so DUT can provide total solution for producing the parts with high performance fiber-reinforced composites with our own high technology including HP-RTM, R-RIM, LFI, FCS, SCS.

High performance fiber-reinforced composites emerge as next generation advance in lightweight automotive applications. Lightweight structures, consisting of fiberreinforced composite materials can excellently meet the demanding requirements of the transportation industry which is looking for lighter and stronger applications to comply with a rising issue of global warming.

Especially, these lightweight structures precisely meet the high requirements of that vehicles with alternative drive systems need to improve fuel-efficiency and high stability. Lightweight construction and fiber-reinforced composite technology can make a valuable contribution to these aspects.

DUT’s experts with abundant experiences focus their work to optimize the manufacturing process chain. In various combination of different types of fiber and fabric architecture with polyurethane resin, DUT offers a high level of design flexibility for component parts as well as a total solution for mass production with cost efficient processes.

High Pressure Mixing Head

· Linear mixing head optimized for the HP-RPM process
· Static Mixer for adding internal mold-release agent
· Heater for mixing-head internal solution temperature control

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High-Pressure Machine

· Solution temperature control system optimized for the HP-RTM process
· High-quality compatibility and stable operation
· Fine adjustment for mixing ratio and automatic processing

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Mold Press Machine

· Dedicated operational programs for various HP-RTM processes
· Interface for CFRP production automation and high-pressure dosing machine

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