Mixing Head is a core part of the foaming machine. It determines the quality of end
products and it affects the efficiency of raw materials. DUT’s mixing head has improved
from advantages of L-type mixing head, and it has patented as “Double Tilted Injection
System”. DUT’s wide ranges of models would help you choose your fitted applicable mixing head.

2K ,3K, 4K, 4KS

· 2K – 2 Components (POL / ISO) with general two nozzle assemblies
· 3K – 3 Components (POL / ISO / Pigment) with general two nozzle
Assemblies and one pigment injector
· 4K – 4 Components (POL / ISO) with dual · head and general
fourNozzle assemblies
· 4KSH – 4 Components (POL / ISO) with general four nozzle
· 6KSH – 6 Components (POL / ISO) with general six nozzle


· High mixing efficiency by double tilted injection nozzle.
· Stable laminar flow-smoothing of the mixture stream & wide
   laminar range.
· Suitable for rigid and flexible foam with low and high viscosity.
· Innovative nozzle control for minimum switching times at multi-
· Economical and reliable.
· Long operation life & Low maintenance cost.
· Anti-stick locking design & Anti-scrap floating design.


DUT’s Double Tilted Rear Chamber(DTRC) mixing head system is designed to make max-imum mixing efficiency while still maintaining desirable laminar flow.

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DHV Series has been designed for customers who need the ultimate quality of end products.
DHVM Series is special type for length of outlet pipe and it is applied to close mold.

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DHS Series called R-type (straight type) mixing head in common and it is applied inject big volume of output.
DHS NA type is special type for the PU sandwich panel line.

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4KSH type mixing heads are designed to produce 2 and more different
type of foams by one mixing head.

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