DUT has committed total quality control section for continuous improvement activity and will do our best step by step with providing high quality products based on measure equipment and reliability equipment.

Mixing head

  • High mixing efficiency by double tilted injection nozzle.
  • Stable laminar flow-smoothing of the mixture stream & wide laminar range.
  • Suitable for rigid and flexible foam with low and high viscosity.
  • Economical and reliable.

Metering pump

  • High metering accuracy and repeatability
  • Manual control via hand wheel with built-in-precision measuring scale or alternative mechanical rod control, for mounting pneumatic or hydraulic control cylinders

Foaming machine

  • Ultimate Mixing Efficiency with Economical Price
  • Changeable Options by Customer’s Needs
  • High Metering Accuracy
  • Precise Shot Time
  • Proven Reliability


  • Amazing price compare with competitive companies
  • Semipermanent product life by superprecision machine
  • Optimized design for DUT’s High Pressure Injection Machine


  • Stable Application by Perfect Compatibility
  • Wide Range of Applications from Customer’s Needs
  • High System Technology for Customizing

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